Gametech is all about sports technology and enabling athletes to get the best they possibly can from their performance based on the ability to measure, benchmark and provide feedback on individual performances as well as teams.


Gametech uses GPS technology, video, Video analysis and drone technology, to measure athlete’s performance, benchmark against other individuals, measure team performance and benchmark against standards within that sports discipline.

Gametech partners with sports technology providers from around the world to provide leading-edge sports technology tools. Access to databases of global data enabling us to benchmark against almost any standard for your team.


Brisbane based, Australia wide, Gametech has been providing services to sporting clubs, elite sporting schools across multiple sports disciplines. The feedback on our services has been great.

We offer a range of packages enabling coaches, teachers, sporting groups and clubs the opportunity to sample the service, and to grow with their own requirements.


Users of our service get access to the GPS database, and are provided with a secure login to the Gametech site, YouTube channels and Coaches view sites for all GPS data, reports, and video (both ground-level and aerial) for their training or their event.

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